Sunday, 29 January 2012

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The Interpreter: Author Interview With Betty

Shah Sight
Betty Carlton, Welcome to our author interview, as you know you are live on our literary group, and to other Facebook members, Betty, do you have a book in your name, are you a published author now, and if so what are your expectations in terms of rankings, sales, reviews, etc. some of our authors despair when their books don't do very well on Amazon and other sites, what do you want to tell them, what should they expect from their books after the few months of publication? And do you have a link to your books where we can buy them?

Betty Carlton Thank you Shah for including me in your interviews. Betty Carlton Is the pen name I use for the books I write for Sizzler Editions. have three with them and a fourth almost ready to submit to them.

Betty Carlton On Amazon I have three other books self-published. Unlike many authors I wasn't bitten in an early age with the desire to write. I just carried these stories in my head and decided to write them down. I soon discovered a whole new world of ebooks. I'll love to have great reviews, who wouldn't? But, you can't and won't please everyone. Just do the best you can to get the word out that you DO have a book out there. Once you have an audience you ranking and sales will take care of themselves. So with that said here's where my books are: and on Amazon

Betty Carlton So, let yourself have fun and enjoy the ride.

Shah Sight Betty, thank you and it was so lovely and joyful to have you on our author interview, and thanks for the useful insight and answer to my questions, greatly appreciated, hope to see you again soon.

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