Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Interpreter

The Interpreter - Special Military

After the Taliban are toppled in Afghanistan, they regroup in the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and come back to attack the NATO forces in the southern parts of the country, especially in the Helmand province.

The American NATO forces based in Helmand fight to win the war against the Taliban and also to win over the local population, therefore they employ the Afghan interpreters to help them in connecting them with the local Afghans. These interpreters, with their basic knowledge of English, play a big role in this war. They join them on their patrols and they join them when they go to meet the local people, or the Afghan officials.

The Taliban see the interpreters as infidels and traitors and they are after them and their families to catch and behead them, as they do so with many interpreters and their families. In this story Shabir Khan is an interpreter who is from Kabul. Mullah Aslam is the Taliban leader who is from Helmand, and he is After Shabir and his colleagues to catch them and behead them, until one day when Shabir and his interpreter friend, Sami, encounter a Taliban checkpoint. In the cover of a stone, Shabir and Sami fire the rest of their bullets, and keep one, one bullet each.

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