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Suzanne Tyrpak,Thanks for your interest in our "On The Spot Interview", as the great William Talcott has named it recently, if I ask you what would you like to read in a book, our members may be able to guess what and how you would like to write, and please, before our members start guessing about the genre you would love to write, you might want to tell us about it, we would love to hear about your works, and your interests in the world of writing, are you a published author, tell us where can we buy your books?

Suzanne Tyrpak I love reading books that hook me in from the beginning with a question or dilemma--some kind of mystery that draws me through the story. For me, a good story contains an element of mystery.

Suzanne Tyrpak And I enjoy learning about something when I read: another time and place, something scientific, something fascinating. I've published two novels and two short story collections. Here's my author page on Amazon: Sorry--the last post got away from me!

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Shah Sight Thanks, do you want to tell us a little bit about your novels, what are the stories about, just in a few lines, please?

Suzanne Tyrpak That said, two of my fave authors of all time are Jane Austen and D.H. Lawrence.

Suzanne Tyrpak I write historical suspense, and my stories feature strong women. I like to explore the roles of women, and recreate lost history. Vestal Virgin--suspense in ancient Rome is the story of a Vestal Virgin who faces the Roman Emperor, Nero--a sociopath bent on destroying her family. Hetaera--suspense in ancient Athens is the story of a slave girl who becomes a courtesan (hetaera). The hetaera were literate, powerful, and had more freedom than most Athenian women.

Suzanne Tyrpak The plural of hetaera is hetaerae!

Shah Sight Suzanne, very interesting, were you so young when you started writing, what made you chose writing historical suspense, what motivated you, is there any kind of connection between how you lived or worked and how you write?

Suzanne Tyrpak My major in college was classic theater with a focus on Greek theater and ancient religions. My mom was a children's librarian, and she got me interested in mythology at a young age. My interest continued after being introduced to classic Greek theater; I was an actress for awhile, and the characters for women were wonderfully dramatic! Guess I've always been a bit of a drama queen!!!

Shah Sight Suzanne, you definitely are a drama queen, let me ask you something away from your work, and this is our last question for you today, I am from Afghanistan, and unfortunately women in our country suffer a lot, of course you have been thinking about those women a lot in your life, what are your thoughts about them, I think they have nothing in their life to enjoy, how much do you know and what do you want to say to us?

Suzanne Tyrpak I have thought about the women in Afghanistan a lot, and my heart goes out to them. Throughout history there have been times when women have been oppressed. Despite that oppression, women continue to play a major role in life. After all, the species can't continue without us! I want those women to know that though they may feel helpless, though they may feel unheard--many people are aware of their situation and their pain. Their cries are heard, and echo throughout the world--echo through our collective consciousness. The internet is a great thing, and words are powerful. I pray things will change for the women of Afghanistan, and all oppressed women. When I heard about pharaonic circumcision I was so appalled that I wrote a novel about it--as of yet it's unpublished, but I will do something with it. When I shopped the book around, no one wanted to hear about it. But people must learn about this horrendous mutilation. Knowledge is the first step toward change, and I believe change is possible. Women's voices must be heard.

Shah Sight Thank you, Suzanne, if I tell you that your words brought tears in my eyes, you should believe me, and I am sure every word in your novels is as powerful as your answers here in this interview, it was a real joy for us to have you on our site, today.

Suzanne Tyrpak Thank you, Shah. It's a pleasure to meet you. You're in a position to help many women. And I feel sure you will. Please let me know how I can help. May all beings be free from suffering.

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