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ShahSight Book Shop: Lorena Bathey

Shah Sight
Lorena Bathey, welcome on our show, and you are live to all our FB members, do you want to say something about yourself, before we ask you about your literary works, tell us who you are and where you are from, please?

Lorena Bathey Hi Shah, I love this idea. I live in California near San Francisco. I am a full time novelist. I love writing and having a blast creating new novels for people to read. I just got engaged and have a wonderful blended family of 6 kids and three grandkids

Shah Sight Wonderful Lorena, and thanks so much, since you are a full time novelist you must have at least a few books published, do you want to tell us about your books a little bit, what genres, how many, etc., please?

Lorena Bathey I have three books out in the market place right now. My first, Happy Beginnnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother is how I got started. I call it the real woman's Eat Pray Love cause I do go to Italy to run away from divorce but I only stayed for 10 days.

Lorena Bathey
But that writing led me to really discover who I wanted to be and to write about women going through transition and change. From that memoir came my first novel, Beatrice Munson. It's the story of five suburban women who discover they've become like their homes, varying shades of beige. They've lost their passions and dreams and when Beatrice Munson moves in, she shakes up thier world. It's a great story about rediscovering who you are and owning the woman you want to be.

Lorena Bathey
Then my next novel just came out in December. It's in ebook format and will be in print soon. But it's called House on Plunkett Street. That book is about Phoebe Bertram who really simply exists in her day-to-day life. But when she has to change her home and her job she discovers three women ghosts come to her in her new apartment. They teach her how to truly live her life. It's basically what would happen if ghosts were your life coaches.

Lorena Bathey And my next novel is in editing now...its called The X and total change

Lorena Bathey It's a thriller about a woman whose husband divorces her and takes her boys away and she has to find out why. So with the help of an ex FBI private detective she toughens up and goes after her ex.

Shah Sight Lorena, since you are a full time novelist that means that you are earning your living from writing, and from what you are telling us here, you are quite an exciting and special writer, which is every author's wish, give us some tips please how can you do that when many authors cannot?
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Lorena Bathey
Well, I have decided to pursue writing full time, which I know not everyone can do. But I think if you commit to making it work then you also put the faith in the opportunities available. It is a lot of work. I spend time networking, talkin...See More

Shah Sight Well, Lorena, still that needs a lot of courage and speciality, and I applaud you for that, tell us please what people think about your books, you must get a lot of good feedback that has encouraged you to choose to be a full time and a successful novelist, what is the best words that you hear and you think is really nice?

Lorena Bathey
Thank you, Shah. Yes, so far my books have been really well recieved. I am on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords and my reviews are 4 and 5 stars. I believe the books touch a chord in women. My books have morals but they also protray women as strong and capable going through changes and growing to be better people in the end. I like to throw good plot twists in and my dialog is very good because I see the books like movies in my head.

Lorena Bathey But even though I have been very lucky to have so much love and support of my work, I have had a couple of people give me insights into what didn't work for them. I appreciate that becuase I take that and incorporate it into my writing which I believe makes my writing better
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Shah Sight Lorena, give us a few links to your books please, so our audience can find your books, before I ask you a couple more questions and let you go and be with your exciting world of writing and promoting?

Lorena Bathey You can see about me at

Lorena B
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Lorena Bathey And you can find me at Lorena Lorena Bathey

Lorena Bathey P.S. That's not my book in the pic above. I will put the other books here. And I would say that the temporary lower pricing for ebooks is going up soon. So go and download the eBooks now to get them at $. 99 or $1.25.

Lorena Bathey At Amazon you can find both the ebooks and print copies.

Lorena Bathey I also have a blog that I love to write Called Inspiration for Transformation. I talk about things women think about and I have my other You can find that here

Inspiration for Transformation: Photos I've Taken - My Other

Shah Sight Lorena, let me ask you something totally different, will you be tempted or have you ever been tempted to write something quite different to the genre that you are writing now, if yes why, and if not why, will you ever write a vampire novel, for instance?

Lorena Bathey Oh, one last place I'd love if your readers could follow is my Facebook fan page at

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Lorena Bathey Um...I think I can safely say I will not be writing any vampire novels. Not that they aren't great...just not my thing. Probably fairly certain I won't be writing Sci-Fi either...

Lorena Bathey
But other than that I keep my options open. It has worked that my novels seem to have a female protagonist...even when I didn't start to write it that way, one emerges. In one of my next novels I started to write a story about several different individuals reaction to a traumatic event and the female character began developing and then growing the story. books really develop themselves. I get an idea and then go with what comes up.

Lorena Bathey I have been asked many times by readers of Beatrice Munson, My first novel, to write a sequel. I am thinking about it but it won't be a typical sequel

Shah Sight Lorena, we are greatly enjoying this interview with you, fantastic so far, but we know you have other things to do, and it is not the end with you, we will definitely have you back on our show, do you want to say something in the end that you think our audience should know about you, it could be anything exciting or even not exciting, anything, before we thank you and end the interview here?

Lorena Bathey
First, thanks Shah for the opportunity to talk about what I absolutely love...writing. But I'd like to say that I hear all the time the comment, "I'd love to be a writer." I always answer the same thing. So write. That is really the first step to being a writer. Just sit down and write. don't worry about what it looks like, sounds like at first, you'll fix all that later. But if you have a passion, don't let fear stop you. That being said, if you decide to become Indie please...please...please..make sure that you do quality, professional work. Hire editors..real one, not your aunt sue (unless she is in fact an editor). Hire good graphics people to create a shelf ready cover (thats a cover that can be seen in any books store). And do due diligence with your work. This is a fast growing business and there is a lot of crap out there. Make sure your work is credible by being professional about your product.

Shah Sight Thank you so much Lorena, it is greatly appreciated, and we particularly appreciate your enthusiasm about writing and taking the opportunities that is out there, that says a lot about you.

Shah Sight If you are an author or even if you are a rave reader, please add me first and ask for an interview, we would love to interview you, and join our literary group here

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Lorena Bathey Thank you Shah. I'm off to join the group right now! We authors have to stick together! Thanks for putting the word out about us!

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