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ShahSight Book Shop: Gerry McCullough

Shah Sight
Gerry McCullough, It's so nice to have you on our show again, tell us what have you been up to from when we interviewed you first, you seemed to be very busy?

Gerry McCullough Well, Shah, partly it's been family commitments, partly it's been health, and partly it's just been sheer busininess, trying to publicise my new full length book, Danger Danger, and my new Short Story collection, The Seanachie, Tales of Old Seamus. It takes a lot of time to publicise just one book – when you hasve three out, it takes at least three times as long. In fact, I just haven't had that much time to put into the 2 new books – there aren't three times as many hours in the day! On top of that, I'm trying to work on my next book, which, as a writer, should really be my top priority.

Shah Sight Thanks Gerry, before we discuss your new works, do you want to tell us a little bit about your travel to China, which I think was a few months ago, what was it about, and what you gained from it?

Gerry McCullough Shah, although I'd love to go to China, I haven't managed it sofar! My husband Raymond went there a few years ago – maybe that's what you're thinking of (Do you want to delete this Q&A?)

Shah Sight It's ok, Gerry, no worries, tell us about what is the connection between your last works, Belfast Girls and Danger Danger, and your new stories, why did you write these new works?

Gerry McCullough Danger Danger is a similar book to Belfast Girls in the sense that It's also set mainly in Belfast, with a trip to Zurich, and is about 2 girls. But it's different because it's more of a straightforward romantic thriller. Belfast Girls didn't fit tidily into any category, and people seem to have liked that about it. But Danger Danger is, I think, a book with a better plot, while still covering some interesting themes, and focusing a lot on the characters. I hope readers of Belfast Girls will enjoy it as much or more.
The Seanachie is also set in Ireland – this time in Donegal – but the stories are a lot lighter than my first two books, and none the worse for that! The cover reflects this difference. These are stories which I first wrote for the Irish magazine Ireland's Own, and the first story, The Tale of a Teacup, was actually the first fiction I had published and was paid for – my first professional achievement. So I have a soft spot for it! Old Seamus is a lovable Irish rogue who makes a living by poaching, and his stories take us back to the Ireland of many years ago. They are full of nostalgia, fun and sometimes romance. They're priced deliberately very low, so that nearly anyone can afford the Kindle edition. I love writing them, and I hope lots of people will love reading them.

Shah Sight Gerry, thank you so much, before I ask you for a link for your new works, I would love you to give us one reason why should everybody go and buy your book, and who you think would benefit from your stories the most?

Gerry McCullough I write because I enjoy it. I publish because I want other people to enjoy what I've written. It seems that lots of people have enjoyed Belfast Girls, which has sold well over 2000 ( heading towards 3000) and has 35 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 5 star. Danger Danger, since it's only out a couple of months, doesn't have so many ratings, but still has 12 5 star. The Seanachie being only just out has 1 5 star to date. I think you might enjoy them too, group members!

Gerry McCullough My next book is similar to my first 2 romantic thrillers – but since I'm still trying to get it finished, you can't buy it yet!

Shah Sight Gerry, tell us more about The Seanachie, we would love to know about the story a little bit more from you, and give us a link where we can buy it?

Gerry McCullough The Seanachie is a collection of the first 12 of my Old Seamus stories – light hearted stories in the tradition of Somerville and Ross who wrote The Irish RM. I've had 36 of these stories published in the magazine Ireland's Own so far.It's published by Precious Oil Publications, and is available on Kindle Paperback coming soon!

The Seanachie: Tales of Old
The first collection of twelve short stories featuring Old Seamus, the Seanachie – a lovable rogue from the fictional Donegal village of Ardnakil – whose amusing yarns and escapades are narrated by his old friend, Jamie. These stories were first published in the popular Irish weekly...

Shah Sight Thank you Gerry, this is my last question for you for this interview, what are you doing at the moment to promote your books, book signings, radio interviews, what, tell us a little bit about it please?

Gerry McCullough On Saturday I spoke about my books and my writing at a large cross community conference for women in Belfast. The audience was receptive and enthusiastic, and bought quite a few of my books afterwards. I write a lot for Internet blogs such as Mark Williams very popular one _ and for my own, Recently I completed an article about Twitter for Hannah Warren. And then , there's this interview! I'd like to do much more, but recently my health has forced me to pull back a little. I really want to give more time to writing my next full length book, what's more. But, of course, the publicity has to go on!


Gerry McCullough Thanks for interviewing me Shah – and all the best with your own excellent book, The Interpreter.

Shah Sight Gerry, you know we would love to have you on our show for ever and enjoy your company, but we know you have other things to do as well, so we thank you for your time, and it was lovely to have you with us.

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