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Stolen Moments

The Interpreter: With Janus

Shah Sight
Janus Gangi Author, Thank you for your interest in our interview. While most of our members know a lot about you, some of us probably have no idea about yourself, your works, for example, how many books you have written, what is your best genre of writing, how long have you been in the business of writing, do you make a lot of money from selling your books, or it doesn't matter to you that much, how is it for you, tell us something please? Name your works for us and tell us where can we buy them, give us the link please?

Janus Gangi Author First of all let me say thank you for this opportunity.

Janus Gangi Author I have one book that is up on Smashwords and Amazon Stolen Moments but after careful consideration I decided to revise the book. I have enlisted the help of Legerity Entertainment and I am very excited to be working with Mark Bell and his team.

Janus Gangi Author
Stolen Moments is the first book in a series of books about the Agents of Providence. There are two other books in the works as we speak White Magick, which is almost completed, and The Sisterhood due out next year. Each one of the books, although all belonging to the same series, are in a different genre. Stolen Moments is a fantasy romance. White Magick is a dark fantasy/horror, and The Sisterhood is a mystery. In addition I am writing two sort stories that spotlight the two main characters of the series. Elizabeth Rose, with an expected release in February and Vincent Blair, King of the Vampyres that will follow shortly after that.

Janus Gangi Author
Although I was briefly a singer and a song writer in my youth, I spent the majority of my life in the medical field and then later on I was the pastor of a church in NYC. After leaving the big city for the mountains of Tennessee I went on to get my Psychology degree. Writing came unexpectedly to me about two years ago when Stolen Moments came to me in a dream. I have been writing ever since and learning all about the workings of this trade, slowly but surely.

Janus Gangi Author
I am a practicing eclectic solitary witch,. All of my past 40 years of knowledge and experiences in the pagan arts are incorporated into the fantastic adventures of the Agents of Providence. Although stolen Moments is not a best seller, it still suites me fine. I main intention was to shed some positive light on the Magickal arts and to have the books serve as a resource for those interested in Wicca. I use the term Wicca in a generic sense as I do not belong to or represent any particular established organization.

Janus Gangi Author I have three pages here on facebook and all are most welcome to join me. My author page Janus Gangi Author, Stolen Moments Book Series, And Confessions of a Romance Writer. I will post the links below. Once again thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself with all of you!!

Janus Gangi Author All authors are invited to post their books, Blogs, and Author/Book pages on this page....

Janus Gangi Author

Janus Gangi Author

Janus Gangi Author Blessed Be!!

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