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The Whore and her Mother

The Interpreter: With Raymond

Shah Sight
Raymond McCullough, thanks for allowing me to interview you, in your book The Whore and Her Mother, which I am reading right now, and I am really impressed by the amount of information I could get from history of the human kind, how long did you take to complete this book, and you must have made a lot of search, one can read history, bible, and contemporary news in your book, tell us whatever you want us to know, and where can we buy this book?

Raymond McCullough
Thanks Shah. I completed the actual writing of the book in about four months, thought the research for it has taken me forty years (off and on) to do. I had written about 12,000 words of WHM while my wife was working hard with her first novel – getting it up to the Top 5 on HarperCollins' site. I decided to put what I had written up there to see what sort of reaction it got. I received very favourable responses from people of Roman Catholic, evangelical, Jewish and New Age backgrounds, so I was encouraged to get on and finish the book – which I did in early summer last year – publishing it in August 2011 on Kindle and in September in paperback edition.

The subject has obviously interested me for a long time, but the events of 9/11 sharpened my interest and had me going back to previous research and checking things again. The whole 9/11 thing was an attack on the centre of world trade and that got me thinking about the Hebrew prophecies of Babylon (or Mega-Babylon), which are also about controlling world trade.

Since the book was published a number of suggestions made there have become more of a reality in world affairs, so I have posted a New Year Update on the WHM Facebook page pointing out some of these recent events. (It's always good when things you've suggested are backed up by actual events!) The update can be found at:

The book is available on all Amazon sites (in both Kindle and paperback editions), and these are linked from our Precious Oil Publications site:

The Whore and her Mother
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