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ShahSight Book Shop: Acountable to None

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Ashley Fontainne, we are so thrilled to have you as a member, and to have you with us in our author interview, do you want to say something to our members about yourself and your work, what are you writing now, and how many books do you have in your name, do you love to write about real life stories or fiction, tell us something please? Where should we look for your books?

Ashley Fontainne Thank you so much Shah Sight for allowing me the opportunity to share with the members!

Ashley Fontainne I have written two books, both fictional suspense/thrillers. They are the first two in a three part series entitled "Eviscerating the Snake." The first one, Accountable to None, is self-published and available on Amazon as an ebook as well as a trade paperback. Here is the link:

Accountable to
Glorious revenge, the dish known as best served cold. Audra Tanner has waited for five years to invite her unwitting guests to her feast of just desserts and now her dinner party approaches. Audra was a brilliant CPA that for years, worked the grueling hours her job demanded as she ma...

Ashley Fontainne The second novel, Zero Balance, is currently in editing with my new publisher, World Castle Publishing. It is slated for an early March 2012 release worldwide, and will be available as an ebook, trade paperback and available at Barnes & Noble. The third and final book, Adjusting Journal Entry, I am currently writing.

Ashley Fontainne My stories, although fictional, encompass real life scenarios and characteristic traits from real muses. The world is full of interesting people...some with the qualities of a hero, and some with the qualities of the villain. The best characters, in my opinion, encompass both.

Ashley Fontainne I write in the suspense/thriller genre because that is the kind of books I am drawn to, and to be quite honest, I am an adrenaline junky!

Ashley Fontainne The idea for this series came from reading The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. I wanted to set a classic revenge tale in a modern setting...but also expand on it, more specifically, to delve into what happens AFTER one obtains their revenge.

Lawrence Fisher Ashley rocks

Ashley Fontainne LOL Lawrence Fisher....

Lawrence Fisher The Hoot says u rock

Shah Sight I just learned that life is all about love, after interviewing the brilliant Ashley Fontainne, full of stories and full of love, thank you for being with us today, it was a real, real joy to be with you.

Ashley Fontainne I truly appreciate being a part of this group and the privilege to share my work with such a wide range of individuals!

Ashley Fontainne One thing I neglected to share yesterday book trailer!

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