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The Interpreter: Author Interview With Stuart

Shah Sight
Stuart Nager, Welcome to our author interview, I will try to ask you something quite different to what I have asked the rest of our members, if you don't mind. The question is if you were to write a love story, which we don't know if you have or not, where would you start, what would you name your main characters, have you thought about it, and tell us if you have written any love stories or not, if not, what is your book or books about, and which genre are you writing? And where is the best place to buy your books?

Stuart Nager I've written love stories: two are published right now in anthologies, both on Amazon: Dawn of Indie Romance ( and After Dark (a tongue in cheek paranormal story):

Dawn of Indie
Back in March 2011, we acted with as much speed as we could and, if we're honest, not enough planning. The first “With Love” Anthology was created in a rush, pulled together from random donations from incredibly generous Independent writers. Catrina and I are so grateful to you...

Stuart Nager I also have a book coming soon from Trestle Press that is a compilation of stories and sonnets I've written, where Love is the theme. It is not always pretty, but love tends to go from the sublime to the tragic. I do have a novel that I am getting critiqued on, which I should have back in my hands next week. My main female character is Elora; as in most of my character namings there is a deeper meaning in her name (which readers can go look up). It sheds a bit on where she is and where she goes; but it's more about the male character: so, a different slant, I hope.

Stuart Nager Right now, for people who want to read my short fiction, they could go to Tale Spinning, my fiction blog: stuart.nager dot wordpresss dot com (for some reason, FB won't let me put up the link).

An open experiment in writing styles by Stuart Nager

Stuart Nager Thanks Shah Sight

Shah Sight Thanks Stuart, how could we not think that you could very well be a love story writer, so there I asked and you answered right away, thank you very much for your time, and you left us with so much warmth and love, greatly appreciated.

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