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ShahSight Book Shop: Beyond Nostalgia

The Interpreter: Author Interview: With the best seller author Tom Winton

Shah Sight
Tom Winton, Thanks for agreeing to answer our question. Your book that we love to hear its name from you, how is it doing now, I heard at some point that it was a best seller on Amazon, that you will also tell us about it now, where do you see your book in a few months or another year, do you think it will continue to be as successful as it is now? Give us a few addresses where we can buy your book?

Tom Winton
I released two novels in 2011, Shah. "Beyond Nostalgia" came out in February, and "The Last American Martyr" in August. Both books have been on three or more Amazon bestsellers lists, at the same time. BN was on the literary fiction list for two months. Unfortunately both novels have suffered big setbacks in the rankings of late. That has happened because when I cut ties with my publisher "Beyond Nostalgia" lost almost all of the Amazon features that was sending readers its way. Went from 1200 sales a month to almost nothing--overnight. Talk about a nightmare! At any rate many people think that these are two very special books. Hope folks will check out both book's 5-star reviews (BN has 36 ot them). Before publication BN was up for Random House's 2011 Book of the Year Award. Now "The Last American Martyr" is up for the same honor in 2012. These books are far too good to sink to the bottom of Amazon's sea of obscurity. I'm hoping that a big review is coming up for TLAM, and that it will bring both books back to light. I am stunned, flattered and dumbfounded that so many readers have compared both these books to classics. Hope folks here will take a look--both are 99 cents in the Kindle version. here, Shah. Here are the links to both books.

BEYOND NOSTALGIA (Be sure to check out Tom Winton's newest novel, The Last American Martyr.) Born with blue in his collar instead of his veins, best-selling author Dean Cassidy chronicles his soul-scarring rise from New York's darkest alleys to a place high atop the literary world.

Shah Sight Tom, of course, it was a pleasure to know about your books, and we are so glad we got the answer from you that we were looking forward to hearing it.

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