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ShahSight Books Shop: The Colour of Ice

The Interpreter: Author Interview With Gordon

Shah Sight
Gordon Mathieson, Thanks for your participation in our author interview, we are so pleased to have you with us today. You may want to tell us a little bit about yourself, and also about what you are writing at the moment. We know a little bit about your previous works from here and there, but we love to know about them from yourself, how are they doing, and what are people saying about them? Where can we buy your books, please?

Gordon Mathieson I have written and published 6 books. I have been both mainstream published and independent. My genre is generally Mystery. I have one spy thriller THE COLOR of ICE, a tension filled story between CHINA and the US. It is now a feature film screenplay which I will be pitching to movie producers.

Gordon Mathieson My next book will be my third in my Becky Bing mystery series, the MIssing Winner. THis follows HOOK ISLAND, and SUMMER GAMES featuring a teenage Chinese American. THis amateur detective solve cirmes like the older classic Nancy Drew books, but with contemporary technnology, her feisty pesonality, and bright determination. WHat makes these books special besides the storyline is that I use Mandarin in some of the dialogue (with English translation) to encourage readers to know about the CHINESE language----something I has studied at Yale University. I am encouraged by the sales and feedback of the Becky Bing series and have written a film/TV pilot screenplay for HOOK ISLAND. I will be releasing MISSING WINNER this spring. I look forward to promoting my books on sites such as yours and helping others to do the same.

Shah Sight Can you provide us with some links where we can buy your books please, it will help the readers?

Gordon Mathieson My website is www.gordonmathieson.comwhere I personally autograph copies for readers. In addition books are available on AMAZON in US, UK Germany, France and Italy. I now have HOOK ISLAND availble on KINDLE.

Check out! Gordon Mathieson, author, is the author of mystery and thriller novels, The Color of Ice, multi-cultural thrillers, The Greater Boston Challenge He was formerly a Chinese translator, Computing Director Yale University, ghostwriter,. HIs first Cape Cod mystery...

Shah Sight Gordon, it was a great joy to have you here with us, we really appreciate your time, and we hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again soon.

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